Nels P. Noel
Attorney at Law
Sex Offenses

There is no crime to be accused of any worse the a sex offense. Especially if the alleged victim is a child. Most people will assume you are guilty until proven innocent. You need an attorney who will believe you and listen to you. I've handled several sex cases and understand that as a defense attorney I need to have the ability to attack the credibility of the alleged victim while at the same time not upsetting the jury by appearing insensitive. It is paramount to explore every avenue. I've been involved in a rape case where by the time my client hired me he had spent six months in the county jail and was being urged to take a plea that would have landed him in prison. Within a month of hiring me the alleged victim admitted that she had reported a rape to cover up the fact that she had cheated on her husband. She had deliberately given the police a very vague description of my client and was surprised when they found him, but by that time she felt committed to her story. She only recanted after being confronted by numerous contradictory statements. It is vitally important that you have someone in your corner who is willing to work for you.

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Sex Offenses
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