Nels P. Noel
Attorney at Law
Felonies in Kansas are controlled by the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines. The most severe crimes are called "off-grid" felonies. A third or subsequent DUI is referred to as a "non-grid" felony. All other felonies are classified at various levels between 1 and 10, with a level 1 being the most severe and a level 10 the least severe. The sentence for a particular crime is then determined based on the defendant's criminal history.

When charged with a felony - your paramount concern should be obtaining qualified and competent legal counsel. Don't make the mistake of accepting a court appointed attorney and waiting to see "what the State will offer" to see if you need to hire an attorney. Don't dig yourself a hole. You need an attorney who will work the case, who will discover what evidence the government has against you, who will listen to you and work with you in building your defense.
Drug Charges
Sex Offenses
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